venerdì 15 ottobre 2010

This is where I belong

Here I stand in the northern rain, and I can't believe I'm home again. And I can't believe how nothing's changed. I'm finding my way. Old park bench where I carved my name, but now it doesn't stand alone 'cause now the trees have over grown, many a road that I've travelled that's led me a stray. Here's where my heart's gonna stay. This is where I belong, this is where I come from. No need to shed my tears or face my fears anymore. So I won't walk alone, taking things on my own. All of the lands I've roamed, memories of my home, they keep beating strong 'cause this is where I belong. There you stood in the open door, just like so many years before when I told you that I needed more in my life. I was wrong to even walk away, abandon all the love that we made but now I've learned from all my mistakes, just like a star in the sky guiding me on. Your love is pulling me home, 'cause this is where I belong.

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