sabato 28 novembre 2009

The Backstreet Boys!!!! Live @ Milano

Rock your body
Rock your body right
Backstreet's Back alright !
I'll never break your heart
I'lll never make you cry
I'd rather die than live without you
I'll give you all of me
Honey that's no lie
You are my fire
The one desire
Believe when I say
I want it that way
I'll be the one
Who will make all your sorrows undone
I'll be the light
When you feel like there's nowhere to run
I'll be the one
To hold you and make sure that you'll be alright
But you don't care
You keep sticking around
While I'm actin a clown
You're bigger
Than me
Cuz you're still here
Your feet stuck to the ground
Despite how silly it sounds
You're bigger
Than me
I could be the one
Give you all my love
Forget what he has done to you
I'm here now
Open up to me
Love will set you free
If ever you believe it
Please believe in me
This is us

3 commenti:

katiu ha detto...

Cavoli che belle!!
Eri vicinissima ... belle belle belle!

Simona ha detto...

Sìììììììììììì!!!!! Ero in terza fila!! Ne sono valse decisamente tutta la pena le gomitate che ho preso e anche la fila dalle 9 di mattina!! Sono ancora emozionata!! ^_^

Auryn ha detto...

You're the one for me
You're my ecstasy
You're the one I need